Enforcers New Officials Application
Hello and welcome. You're here because you're interested in becoming a roller derby official with the Los Angeles Derby Dolls Enforcers. We can teach you the game, how to skate, and how to be a sports official even if you've never done it before. Learning the game and the principles of officiating sports takes time and commitment, and it's also very rewarding.

Before we invite you to attend our New Enforcer Orientation event, we'd like to get some basic information and ask you a few questions to get to know you a little better.

The information collected below will only be used internally and not be sold or released to any 3rd parties.

What's your full name? *
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What's your Derby name, if you have one?
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What is your email address? *
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What's the best number to reach you? *
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How did you find out about officiating with the Enforcers? *
Have you ever attended a roller derby game before? *
Have you previously been involved with roller derby before, either within LADD or with another league? *
If yes to being involved with roller derby within another league, which league?
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You don't have to skate to be involved, but many do. What's your current skating skill, and "none" is totally fine. *
Tell us a little about your schedule. We practice on Wednesday and Thursday nights (one per week is required) and we have games on Saturdays (usually every other one). What are your Wed/Thu evenings and Saturdays like? *
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What's your gig during the day? Artist, Writer, Stunts, 9-5'er, Librarian? Something else? *
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Why do you want to be a roller derby official? *
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