Perl Advent Calendar 2016 CFP
A submission for the Perl Advent Calendar. See for more details. Deadline 11:59PM EST Saturday 15th October 2016.
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This is the email address we'll contact you on to discuss the submission. It's not the email address that's shown on the Perl Advent Calendar article - you'll determine that yourself later as part of your submission.
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Submissions to the Perl Advent Calendar are managed on Github. We'll need your ID so we can make you a committer on the Perl Advent Calendar repository
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The name of the module that the article is about. You can talk about other modules in the same article, or talk about other topics using this module, but we'd like you to pick one module that is the central topic of the article.
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A brief description of what your article is going to be about. Need not be more than a few sentences.
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