Mental health and benefits research
1. What is your job role? *
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2. Where do you work? *
3. How often do you encounter clients who have mental health difficulties? *
4. Of these clients, how many require information or assistance with a benefit issue? *
5. How often do you feel a client’s mental health issues affect their understanding of, or ability to deal with the benefit claiming process? *
6. What is the effect of this (tick all that apply)? *
7. To what extent do you find clients with mental health conditions need extra support with their benefit claims? *
8. Are you familiar with the Disability Empowerment Advisors at local Job Centre Plus offices, and what their role is? *
9. What obstacles do you think clients with mental health issues face when claiming benefits (list anything you think is a barrier)? *
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10. Do you feel clients with mental health issues would benefit from a specialist advisor to assist them with benefit claiming or other benefit issues? *
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