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Caravan Rules
Effective 8/1/17
1. Only properties listed by WMVR members and currently listed in the Intermountain MLS system can be submitted for CARAVAN. Participation in CARAVAN is restricted to licensed real estate agents who are members of WMVR.
2. To schedule a property for CARAVAN, call, fax or email the property information to the WMVR Board Office. Please include: MLS number, Property Address, Price, Agent’s Name/Office and Best Contact Number. Please make sure all information is correct in Paragon including: street name (Circle, Avenue, Court, Drive, Lane, N.S.E.W.), directions and mapping. Board contact information is: 733-6421 (phone), 734-5707 (fax), BriAnna/Kessie: frontdesk@wmvrealtors.com or Ryan: ryan@wmvrealtors.com (email).
3. Call, fax or email the CARAVAN leader or the WMVR Board Office to withdraw your listing if it sells prior to being on CARAVAN.
4. Properties may be submitted for CARAVAN once during the duration of the listing unless significant upgrades or modifications have been made. If the listing office changes, the property may be placed on CARAVAN again only if significant upgrades or modifications have been made.
5. New construction homes must be complete (with the exception of flooring) as a courtesy to the builder and for the safety of CARAVAN attendees.
6. Commercial property and new subdivisions may be included on CARAVAN at the discretion of the CARAVAN leader.
7. Each property must have an Agent from the listing office present at CARA-VAN. If in the event of an emergency, the Listing Agent is not available and cannot find someone from their office to open the property, the Listing Agent may contact the CARAVAN leader and request the Leader open the property. Every Agent with a property on CARAVAN must be present at the Board Office or the Jerome title company for the CARAVAN meeting and must view all the homes on CARAVAN.
8. The CARAVAN leader will determine the number of properties on CARAVAN per week and the number of listings shown per agent on a “first come, first
served” basis. (General rule: 2 properties per agent, 8 to 10 homes per
CARAVAN, a minimum of 6 homes for Jerome).
9. Twin Falls CARAVAN Boundaries: 2700 East to 3400 East / 3550 North to
4300 North or the Canyon Rim.
10. Jerome CARAVAN boundaries: From 500 North south to the Canyon Rim /
From Gooding County line east to Highway 93. The CARAVAN leader has the
discretion to add homes that are within a mile of the boundaries.
11. Twin Falls CARAVAN will alternate between northeast, northwest, southeast
and southwest if enough homes are available in the given area. Blue Lakes &
Filer Avenue are the “general” boundaries. The route will be at the discretion of
the CARAVAN leader.
12. Jerome CARAVAN will be held on the second Wednesday of the month with a
supplemental CARAVAN on the 4th or 5th Wednesday as needed.
13. Kimberly and Filer CARAVAN will be scheduled at the discretion of the
CARAVAN leader when there are enough homes in those areas to hold a
14. The WMVR Office will supply CARAVAN information for your listing on the
morning of CARAVAN with the exception of new subdivisions. The listing
agent must provide the plat with prices and basic information at least two days
prior to CARAVAN.
1. If the CARAVAN Leader has noticed an infraction of any of the above stated
rules, a first offense warning will be given to the agent in writing.
2. If the CARAVAN Leader has noticed a second infraction of any of the above
stated rules, the agent will not be allowed to participate in CARAVAN for one
year following the caravan when the infraction occurred. (revised 8-1-17)
1. CARAVAN Leaders will try to keep CARAVAN to no longer than an hour and a
2. CARAVAN meetings begin at 8:30am (Jerome)/ 8:45 am (Twin Falls) and depart
the host location at 9:00am (Jerome)/9:15am (Twin Falls).
3. Please follow the CARAVAN Leader and move briskly through each property.
4. Remember to obey traffic laws and drive safely.
5. Seasoned agents are encouraged to mentor newer agents attending CARAVAN.
6. Agents are reminded to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to be
respectful of client’s homes and possessions.
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