Blount County Alabama 9-1-1 Address Request Form
This form is for new address requests only, not to update your current house description. Additionally, this form is only to be used by citizens requesting an address in Blount County, Alabama.

Effective October 1 2022, Blount County 9-1-1 will implement a charge for issuing new addresses and new road naming assignments.  The reason for the new charge is for replacement, maintenance, and fuel for the vehicles required to travel the county to verify address placements.  These charges are due at the time of applications. 

Items marked with * are required. If you need multiple addresses you will need to submit multiple forms. One submission covers one address request. We will not share this information with anyone other than public safety entities and the post office.
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Will your parcel have more than one residence on it? *
Parcel number or Parcel PIN number where structure will be located: *
Property - Road name? *
What is the name of the road your property is on?
Neighbor's Address *
What is the address number of your closest neighbor on the same side of the road?
Even or Odd? *
Are the addresses on the same side of the street even or odd?
Lot Number?
Are there any associated lot numbers with the property you wish to have addressed?
GPS Coordinates
Do you have valid GPS coordinates for the property?
Structure Description *
What does the structure that needs to be addressed look like? Please include details such as structure type (mobile home, house under construction, business, etc.) and color.
Property Marked *
How is the property marked? The property must be marked with a sign containing the last name of whom the property is for prior to us coming out to address your property. The sign MUST be highly visible from the roadway. If we travel to your property and we are unable to locate your sign we will not issue an address. A proper size sign is the approximate size of a 2'x2' "political sign" with the last name of whom the property is for.
Requested By *
What is the name of the person requesting the address?
Requestees Email *
What is the email address of the person requesting the address?
Phone Number *
What is the phone number of the person requesting the address?
Resident *
Who will be living in the structure associated with the address?
Additional Comments
Are there any special instructions we would need to know concerning the property? An example might be a dog we should be aware of.
Are you requesting an address in Blount County Alabama? (This form is only for Blount County, AL) *
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