Recommendation Request
Please answer the questions below, which helps me know if I am a good fit for writing you the best letter possible. (Adapted from Dr. William Doane's site. Thank you for the example questions.)
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What class(es) have you taken with me? Or how do we know each other? Please list semesters and years too. *
Where are you applying? (Please list school(s) or program(s)) *
What are the application deadlines and methods? For each school, when does the recommendation need to be submitted? How is the letter to be submitted (email, web form, snail mail)?
What major strength(s) are you highlighting in your application? *
What positive experience did you have in your class(es) with me that stands out in your memory? Was there a significant moment, experience, paper, assignment, interaction, etc. that stands out for you?
Describe the work you did in the class(es) you took with me: What project teams did you work on? What was your final grade in the course? What significant assignments, papers, or project, etc. did you submit?
Once you've completed this form, please email me: and let me know you have sent me a recommendation request form. Please allow a few days for a response. Typically, I need at least three weeks notice for letters. Thank you!
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