CorpsTHAT's Outdoor Ambassador
Volunteer Position Application
The Outdoor Ambassador Volunteer position serves to connect with the local Outdoor Deaf Community, to host community events, and to engage more people in outdoor experiences. The Outdoor Ambassador will host at least one event per month, events can be but are not limited to: group hikes, outdoor rock climbing, bike and mountain bike outings, nature/outdoor education talks, a REI/LNT class, or a volunteer/stewardship day. To be considered for a position in your area, please fill out the application bellow and we will get back to you soon.
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Are you passionate about enjoying and conserving the outdoors?
Are you motivated to create more ASL accessible opportunities in the outdoors?
Are you willing to host an outdoor related event for your local Deaf community at least once a month?
Are you able to advertise and spread the word of your events through your own social media networks?
Will you be able to commit to this position for at least 6 months?
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Once you submit this application, we will look it over and then contact you soon to set up an interview and answer any questions you have.
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