Conflux Board Application
Before you fill out this application, you should familiarize yourself with our work. We are taking applications for six (6) positions that will become effective in January 2023 for the Spring 2023-Fall 2023 board term. No art, tech or art tech experience expected or required for board positions, but we do expect that by applying, you are committed to our vision of building an art tech community and scene here at Harvard.

Applications are due 1/24 at midnight. We will be reaching out VIA EMAIL to schedule interviews on a rolling basis, with the last interviews occurring on January 25.

Email if you have any questions.
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Board positions, effective January 2023-December 2023

Events Director: Plans creative, fun, and hands-on public events that introduce campus and community members to art tech. This includes coordinating guest lectures and workshops to provide educational and engaging opportunities for members and the community to learn about the latest developments and techniques at the intersection of art and technology. They also ensure that all events are inclusive, safe and aligned with the club's mission and goals.

Finance Director: Maintains the annual budget and oversees expenses including those for projects, social events, and other performance engagements; manages and organizes sponsorships; applies for grants for clubs and projects. Oversees equipment purchases and inventory. Manages the club’s bank account. Networks with companies and organizations for sponsorship. Familiarity with Harvard College organizational funding and grant-writing recommended. Strong networking skills recommended.

Community Director: Plans and coordinates social events for members of the club. Acts as a liaison between different groups, members and the leadership to promote inclusivity and a sense of community within the organization and integration into campus culture. Develops and implement strategies to engage and retain members, as well as help members to connect and network with each other.

Projects Director: Manages, leads and recruits for projects. Coordinates with project leaders to ensure projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Writes weekly updates for the organizational newsletter and works closely with event coordinators and other committee leads to document and preserve records of Conflux events, socials, projects, and exhibitions, ensuring that all projects run smoothly, efficiently and aligned with the club's mission and goals.

Technical Director: Liaises with the tech community (e.g. SEAS affiliates), assists in recruitment of a technical team for projects, and provides technical assistance on projects. Provides technical assistance to support project development. Helps develop physical, digital, and phygital exhibitions of projects, ensuring that all technical aspects of the club's activities are executed effectively and that members have the resources and support they need to succeed. Familiarity with software, hardware, and fabrication techniques recommended.

Publicity Director: Leads and manages the creation and distribution of all publicity materials for the club, conducts outreach to local and broader media outlets and develops and implements a publicity schedule for all club events and recruitment efforts. Ensures that all publicity efforts align with the club's mission and goals.
What position(s) are you interested in? (Select a max of 3). *
Describe any prior experience you have in your position(s) of interest. *
How would you further the mission of Conflux through your role(s) of interest? Please provide a set of goals/ideas that you would like to implement through your role. *
If you are applying for:
  • Events Director: Provide specific event ideas and strategies for coordinating those events.
  • Finance Director: Provide specific examples of grants you would apply for, and a financial strategy you would like to implement.
  • Community Director: Provide your vision for an inclusive, welcoming, and creative club culture.
  • Projects Director: Conflux project teams are highly cross-disciplinary and involve many moving parts. How would you seek to recruit students for projects, and how would you ensure that the teams working on projects are collaborating well and making progress towards their goals?
  • Technical Director: Provide a vision for Conflux's technical infrastructure and in-house technical team. List the equipment would you want to get for the club, and list people you know with technical expertise that you would potentially want to recruit for the in-house technical team.
  • Publicity Director: Provide a roadmap for reaching more students across both Harvard and the community-at-large, including target milestone metrics and channels we would use to pub.
Tell us about your passion for Art Tech. What excites you in this space? *
Tell us about your style of teamwork. What role do you usually play on teams? (Beyond the concrete work you do, what "soft" work do you contribute? E.g. being a mediator during conflict, or being the life of the party.) *
What/when are your extracurricular commitments? How much time can you dedicate weekly to carrying out the responsibilities for the position(s) you selected above? *
[OPTIONAL] Feel free to use this space to leave questions, comments, or anything you otherwise want to share that did not make the rest of your application.
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