Boston Food Forest Coalition - Forest Garden Raising Application
Short bio/intro (Why you are interested?)
Can you commit to the following criteria we look for in an ideal host? (Check attributes applicable to you) *
Please indicate size of your garden
square footage - can be an estimate
Site Description - please describe your yard
e.g., water access, sun, grading, existing structures or trees, etc
We can match you with a designer. Would you prefer either a paid professional designer or a student designer?
What plants would you like to see in your yard? (Please be as specific as you desire)
Are there any special projects or design features you are interested in?
Are there neighbors, friends, family members or others you can invite to help with your garden raising?
We will also recruit volunteers, but want to know if you can help do so as well
A Forest Garden Raising can take at least two months to prepare for. What specific dates would you be available to host yours?
Do you anticipate needing any help after your garden raising (such as gardening tips, recipes, etc)?
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