Soo Food Finder Application Survey
This survey is pertaining to the Soo Food Finder Android app that is available on Google Play Store. Only individuals who have downloaded and tested the app should fill out this survey.

Study Title: Evaluating User Experiences of the Soo Food Finder Mobile Application

Principal Investigator: Nairne Cameron, Ph.D.

Co-Investigators: Sachini Fernando and Johnathan Lalonde

I agree to participate in a study about the Soo Food Finder, an Android-based mobile application with information on food sources and services in Sault Ste. Marie. I understand that this research is being conducted by Dr. Nairne Cameron, Associate Professor of Geography at Algoma University, with co-investigators Sachini Fernando and Johnathan Lalonde. I understand that the research involves questions related to personal use of the Soo Food Finder mobile application.
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I have been assured that my participation in this study is totally voluntary, that I may withdraw from the research at any time, that I may skip questions that I prefer not to answer, and that there are minimal risks to me from this research.
I understand that my responses, as well as data files will be kept completely confidential, and no information about my person gathered in the survey will be shared or displayed to third party organizations or associations. That information gathered about my personal details and responses will be represented in the research in a general way and will be communicated with anonymity.
I understand that, upon request to Dr. Nairne Cameron, a summary of the research will be available to me on completion of the research project.

I understand that any question I may have about my involvement in this research will be addressed if I contact Dr. Nairne Cameron by phone: 705-949-2301 ext. 4374, or by email: And, for further information regarding ethics approval of this research, I can contact the Algoma University Research Ethics Board by email at: . I can view the website for this project by going through the link
Note: You can also print this form and the consent form by right clicking on the page and selecting "print" or press "Ctrl" and "p" on your keyboard.
I agree to take part in this study as a research participant and I am 16 years of age or older. *
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