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Great that you want to present in ESSA@work at the Social Simulation 2019 conference in Mainz!

Are you aware that when you are accepted for an ESSA@work session you will present anything but your final results? Rather, the presentation should be something about the questions you have, problems you face or feel insecure about in your work in progress social simulation project.

Remember you should also read the papers of Co-ESSA@work presenters in your session and prepare feedback for these presenters (We Progress Together). Finally, you will have to stay in the whole session that you are presenting in as there will be a discussion at the end of the session involving your work.

Note! All information you provide in this extra application form will not go into the proceedings.
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Please state your stage of modelling that you would like to discuss. The stages of modelling are related to designing your model (theoretical/conceptual modelling), building your model (programming and formalising your theoretical/conceptual model, model calibration, etc.) and testing your model to behave as it was designed (verification) or against the target you aim to simulate (validation). See Gilbert, N., & Troitzsch, K. G. (2005): Simulation for the social scientist. Open University Press.
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Please provide a short description of the work you are going to present at the ESSA@work session (about two lines). Please also provide a concise description of a problem or specific questions that you would like to get feedback on and discuss. The clearer you formulate this part, the more you can get out of the session.
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Please specify skills, fields and possibly names of experts you feel would contribute to answering your questions. This information will be used for recruiting experts who meet the needs of the modellers participating in the session.
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Please note that we ask the following information to group presenters based on their background, skills, and experience. Decision of acceptance to ESSA@work will NOT be based on this information.
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(e.g., psychology, economics, physics, sociology, computing, management and subfield)
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What skills for creating simulations do you have? *
(e.g., programming languages, toolkits, statistical analysis and tools, data collection [empirical/simulation], validation technique).
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What is your experience in developing a social simulation? *
Please a) use the range [none, a bit, reasonable, a lot], b) explicate what this means (Is this your 1st or 10th simulation project?), and c) how long you have already been involved in simulation research.
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What is your current status? (i.e. PhD student, Post-Doctoral researcher, Industry)
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