Afternoon Camp Early Pickup Request
Sienna Ranch encourages campers to enjoy their full camp programming. However, we realize that Swim Team and other unforeseen schedule complications can conflict unexpectedly with our 5:00pm pickup. We want to be accommodating to family scheduling needs, but unscheduled early pickups are disruptive to our programs and are often difficult to achieve when groups are doing activities outside of the central ranch area. For this reason we are now offering one synchronized early pickup option for families who purchase camp and cannot stay the full afternoon.

Afternoon Camp Early Pickup is at 3:30pm. Because our morning campers occasionally hike up in Briones East Bay Regional Park, we are not able to offer an early pickup option for our Morning Camps.

Note: Cancellations for early pickup must be received by the office by 2pm the day of the planned pickup. Thanks for your understanding!
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Pickup campers at the Green Yurt/Office gate. Submissions must be received by 2pm the day of Early Dismissal.
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Dismissal Agreements
We will bring campers to the Green Yurt for pickup between 3:20-3:30pm. Drivers are expected to pick up between 3:30-3:40pm. Drivers who arrange early pickup but arrive after 3:40pm will be subject to a $10 late fee. Thank you for being on time!
I agree to pickup my camper(s) between 3:30-3:40pm. I understand my camper(s) will miss out on afternoon programming and may not experience all activities scheduled for camp. I understand that alternate pickup times are not available. I understand that if I arrive after 3:40pm on a day with early dismissal pre-arranged that I will be charged a $10 late fee. *
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