Adoption Application
Please be advised that a home visit may be required before this application can be processed. We reserve the right to refuse this application. Please answer all questions in full for your application to be considered.
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Applicant's Name (full name please) *
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A phone interview is required as part of the adoption application.
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How many people reside in your household? Are these people family or roommates?
If you have children please provide their ages.
Select the answer that best describes your employment status.
What best describes your living situation
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If you rent your living space, do you have your landlord's permission to keep a rabbit?
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Do any members of your household have allergies to animals or hay?
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Who will be mainly responsible for the rabbit's care?
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What is the age of the primary care giver?
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Have you had a rabbit previously?
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Do you want a rabbit as a companion for one that is currently your pet?
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If the above answer is Yes - is your rabbit:
Do you have other pets? Please list and are they neutered/spayed if appropriate.
How long have you been looking into adopting a rabbit?
Have you read about rabbit care on our website?
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Why do you want a rabbit as a pet?
If your rabbit requires veterinarian care what are you willing to spend. Note: average vet visit is $75 for exam and does not include medications or treatment.
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If you have one, what is the name of your veterinarian clinic?
Which of the following best describes how you plan to keep your rabbit?
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If "other" selected in the previous question please explain briefly.
How many hours during the day will the rabbit be left without people around?
If you have surrendered a pet to an animal shelter in the past please indicate the reasons
If you adopt from VRRA, under what circumstances would you want to return the rabbit?
Would you be willing to let a VRRA representative visit your home by appointment to observe the rabbit's environment?
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Have you ever been charged with neglect or cruelty to animals?
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Are you a permanent resident of Canada?
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