All Night Laundry - Survey - 22/12/2014
A quick survey so I can get an idea what other people think about the story.
What is your MSPAFA username?
How long have you been reading All Night Laundry?
Where did you find out about it?
How often do you catch up with the story?
How many other Adventures do you read on a regular basis?
Which character do you want to see more of?
Do you find anything about the comic confusing? If so, what?
What do you want to see more of?
What do you want to see less of?
If you were recommending All Night Laundry to a friend, what would you say?
If the comic ended tomorrow, what would you be most disappointed that you didn't get an explanation for?
All Night Laundry changes visual style fairly frequently, which one have you liked the best so far?
How far into the story do you think we are?
Would you keep reading this Adventure if it were on another website?
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