Job Market Candidates 2018 - 2019
Submitting this Google Form would make public that you are looking for an academic job related to "Operations", broadly defined to include Operations Research/ Management, Industrial Engineering, Analytics/ Econ/ CS/ Decision Sciences/ Information Systems and Operations interfaces and related academic areas. Whoever PhD Candidate is applying to any of the Job Postings in our website and will attend INFORMS Conference for interviews is encouraged to create his/ her "Job Market profile" below. All profiles collected will be made public all at once two weeks prior to INFORMS, i.e. on October, 21st (deadline to submit).
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For the 2018-2019 academic year, we define "Job Market Year" to be "2019". Please make sure the right Job Market Year applies below.
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Please insert here your First Name, and if you want include in parentheses what you would like to be called, e.g. "Michael (Mike)".
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Type here the full name of your current University, followed by its Business School name (if you are coming from a Business School) and the associated Department name, e.g. "Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management, Operations Department". See here for a list of Universities:
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Type here your current position title in your University or Institution.
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Type here your research interests. Please use key-words and phrases and separate them with a comma: ",". For example, "revenue management, empirical operations, supply chain management" etc.
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Please insert here a (working) link to your CV located in your webpage (preferred, unless you don't have a webpage), or in your DropBox (publicly shared!), or another file sharing system. That way, once you update your CV in your web page for example, it will also be updated in "Operations Academia" (provided its name and link to it did not change).
Short non-technical summary of your thesis research/ Research Statement *
Simply describe your PhD research and overall contribution in English avoiding Greek letters, if possible. Having a short, non-technical summary of your research will help readers of broader and different research interests than yours understand your research, read it, cite it, etc. Please upload a PDF file of your "Research Summary", or alternatively you may upload your "Research Statement". This requires you to first sign-in with your Google Account. You are responsible for the files you are uploading. Also, you may consult Research Statements of past Candidates and related files here:
INFORMS Job Market Presentation Session Code(s) *
Please insert here the "Session Codes" of your INFORMS Presentations. Please go to!/4701/, type in your full name and press "search". Then, insert below the "Session Codes" of any presentations you (as a Job Candidate) will give (as opposed to any talks given by your collaborators) and separate them by a comma. For example, "SB15, TA10, TC22" is a valid entry. This should greatly help Faculty of Hiring Committees easily find your talk and attend it.
(optional) Comments/ Feedback
How can we improve this effort to organise the Job Market in Operations? What could we have done better? We use UserVoice for having any feedback publicly available ( You may submit your ideas there, and rate the ideas already provided by others. For any private inquires, contact us:
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