Parent Survey
Our Children are generally happy at school
If issues arise, we are confident that the school will deal with them efficiently
Our children are valued as individuals
The school recognises our children's interests and talents and is aspirational for all
The school system of rewards, praise and discipline is effective
To what extent do you feel involved in school life at st John's
Do you feel well informed about what your children are learning at school
Do you feel you receive enough information about what is happening in school?
In your view, how important are these factors for your children's time at St John's
Please rate these form 1 to 5, 1 being not very important, and 5 being extremely important
Academic Achievement
Social Skills
Love of learning
 New Experiences (Trips)
Enjoyment of school
Wider learning (music, sport, dance, clubs etc.)
Which events have you attended at school
Do you feel able to help your child at home with:
If you do not feel able to help your child, could you help us by explaining what we could do to change this?
Your answer
Do you think the school provides parents with sufficient information to enable them to help their children at home?
If 'No', could you help us by outlining what would help you?
Your answer
Would you be interested in learning more about how these subjects are taught in school through:
What time is most convenient for you to come into school?
What prevents you coming into school?
How do you find information about what is going on at school?
How do you/would you prefer to communicate with the school?
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