eBay Seller Interview
Thank you for participating in the Millionaire Dojo eBay seller interview. This series was started to inspire people to start selling on eBay or grow their established eBay businesses.

Please answer each question with as much detail as possible. If the answers are too short, it won't make for a good interview and I'll have to have you resubmit it or not use it all. Other than the personal info questions, I'd like at least a small paragraph (3-5 sentences) for each response - the longer the better.

If you give one-sentence answers, I won't be able to publish the interview. Your story is what we want to read and I'm sure it's much deeper than a sentence or two :)

There's no such thing as too long of an answer (unless you write a book, you might want to look into publishing it if that's the case :)

If you have a website of your own, you can include up to 3 backlinks to it in the body of the post.
Best way to contact you for follow up questions *
First Name *
Where are you from? (be as specific or vague as you want). *
Wesbite and/or social media accounts you'd like me to link to. You can also share a link to your eBay store if you'd like
When did you start selling on eBay and what made you decide to be an eBay seller? *
Do you sell part time or full time? If full time, how long did it take to go full time? *
What kinds of items did you start off selling and do you still sell the same kind of stuff? *
How many items are in your eBay store?
Where do you find your items to sell? *
What is something you will always buy when you come across it? *
What is something you will never buy again? *
What's the weirdest thing you ever sold? (how much did you buy it for and how much did it sell for?) *
What's the best sale you ever had? *
What's the worst? *
How much are you profiting each month? *
How do you handle storage and inventory? *
What's your listing process like? *
What tools do you use for eBay? (this could be physical or software). *
About how much time do you spend on eBay each week? *
What's your shipping process? Do you use specific methods for each item and do you do free shipping? *
Do you do anything to promote your listings? *
Have you ever sold on consignment? *
What's your best eBay story? (could be something funny, heart-warming etc). *
Whats your worst? *
Do you sell anywhere other than eBay? If so, tell us how that's going. *
Anything I should've asked that I haven't?
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