Creatives in the Pioneer Valley
Please take 5 minutes to start a conversation that will help shape a future arts and culture resource for the three counties of the Pioneer Valley.

We are collaborating to plan a multimedia Arts Hub in the three counties of Western Massachusetts and are asking your help in spreading the word so that as many people as possible have a chance to weigh in on how the hub would work best for people in the myriad creative fields.

We are:

• The Creative Economy Network (CEN), a regional network of more than 20 arts organizations officially designated by the Commonwealth and working together to support the creative economy of western MA;

• Holyoke Media, (website under construction) a non-profit public access multimedia that uses bilingual audio and video production to help to educate, inspire and activate community engagement;

• Itabix Inc a web development and hosting company located in Hadley, MA that has been in business since 2000.

The Community Foundation of Western MA has funded a planning grant to explore developing a multimedia and online Arts Hub that is intended to strengthen the arts and creative sector across the Hampden, Franklin and Hampshire Counties in Western MA with an emphasis on connectivity, visibility and coordination. The vision includes important outcomes of:

1. Achieving a deepening understanding of the local creative economy, including diversity of programming, organizations, and individuals,

2. Expanding the possibilities for enhancing and growing the creative sector, emphasizing arts organizations, and artists/creatives of all forms, and those who engage in the arts either as creators, sponsors, hosts, funders, renters, sellers, etc. If you are in any way connected to creativity, we would love to connect with you.

3. Insuring that the Arts Hub is financially sustainable.

To that end, we created a short survey that includes space for you to add any information/comments/questions.

Please share this link with your friends and contact!

If you have any questions, please contact me, Natalia Muñoz, at or call me at (413) 200-9733.

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Creatives have different processes. What is yours? For example, you work best in a place where there are other creatives, or you work best in a quiet studio, or in a group.
What are the most successful ways that you get the word out about your work?
What others ways do you think would also be successful?
A component of this project is to provide training to help promote arts in the region. Which of these training topics would be most useful to you? Check all that apply and add anything that is missing.
What parts of the Arts Hub would you use most? Check all that apply:
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Do you feel the Arts Hub should include and involve the general public?
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Do you currently use social media to promote your creative activities? Yes/No what do you use (if no why)
Please describe who your audience is or customer profile and where do they come from? local, regional, national?
Would you attend a gathering to learn more about the Arts Hub and how it could benefit your creative activities?
Would you be willing to share this with others who may not know about the Arts Hub, and other creatives?
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Do you have a website?
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If Yes, what is your website address?
Are you listed on the New England Foundation for the Arts’ Culture Count?
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What city/town do you live in?
What online resources do you use regularly to both find talent/collaborators/other resources and to promote your work/business
Please tell us what else should the planning group ask and know?
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