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Welcome to Possibility Couchsurfing!!

Please fill out this form if you would enjoy being contacted by other Possibility Managers travelling to your area.  You will be asked to enter your basic location info (City and Country) and what kind of (free) accommodations or connection opportunities you are offering.  Please note your email address is for response receipts and admin use only- it will not appear on the map.

Please use this same form to change your information as needed.  There is a check box and comments area at the bottom for that purpose.  If you are requesting that your previous entry be deleted, please fill out this form with your original information so we can delete the correct entry.

This group is open to people who have taken at least one Expand the Box training or who participate in a regular Possibility Team.

You can contact Debby Sugarman at debby@debbysugarman.org or +1-716-479-1490 with questions.
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Your email address will be included on the map.  If you would like another platform like facebook or WhatsApp, please write out your facebook name or phone number.  Please avoid SMS since many travelers don't have cell service when the travel.
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Please include how you'd like to be contacted and information about the accommodation that you are offering, (DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR PHYSICAL ADDRESS).  This information will appear on the map and in the spreadsheet.
ETB/Lab or Possibility Team *
This listing is available to Possibility Managers who have completed an Expand the Box training or who are part of an ongoing Possibility Team.  Please list the Expand the Box training or Lab you most recently attended (When? Where? Which trainers?)  or the location of the Possibility Team you are part of.
Facebook Group
Please join the Facebook group if you haven't done so already:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/755035374982208/ If you would prefer not to join the group, please click the option below.
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If you have previously filled out this form and you are updating or changing your information, please check this box.
This is for any comments to the Possibility Couchsurfing organizers.  Public notes should go under "Offerings" above.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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