Cats Ecosystem Community Survey 2018
It has been an exciting year since Cats 1.0 release. The tremendous growth the Cats ecosystem had in 2018 is beyond our imagination. Thank you everyone for taking part in this community. Now we'd love to learn about your experience with the Cats ecosystem (Cats and libraries listed at It will help us plan for the coming 2019.

This survey is anonymous. All questions are optional. If you have any questions please ask in Cats gitter channel. This survey will close a month from now which is Jan 20, 2019.

Colophon: some of the questions were stolen from the Scala Developer Survey 2018 by scala center. Many thanks to Adriaan Moors who generously shared them with us.

How long have you been using the Cats ecosystem (including Cats and Cats ecosystem libraries)?
Do you feel welcome in the Cats ecosystem community?
Very problematic
How can we be more welcoming?
Your answer
In what types of projects do you primarily use the Cats ecosystem?
In which application domain do you primarily use the Cats ecosystem?
If you use Cats directly, how is your overall experience using Cats?
What would significantly improve your experience using Cats?
If you are contributing to Cats, thank you! How is your overall experience contributing?
What would significantly improve your contributing experience?
For your applications, what would be a good time line for the Cats ecosystem to drop Scala 2.11 support?
If you are blocked from upgrading to Scala 2.12, by what?
What would be a good cadence for Cats to release a new major version (backward incompatible with previous ones)?
How are you using cats-laws?
How would a breaking change in cats-laws affect you?
Would you benefit or suffer from cats-laws and cats-testkit being updated to Scalacheck 1.14 which is binary breaking with Scalacheck 1.13?
Cats and most of its ecosystem libraries are maintained by hobbyists on their spare time. How would you feel about the future of the Cats ecosystem if there were financial backing to allow full-time or part-time maintainers?
If you are against having compensated maintainers, what is your concern?
Your answer
If you are in favor of compensated maintainers, which financial source(s) would help boost your confidence in the ecosystem the most?
If you are in favor of corporate contribution, would your employer be interested?
If the answer above is maybe or yes, can you provide contact information for someone able to guide this decision?
Your answer
Would you like to participate in Cats ecosystem community surveys going forward?
Thank you so much for taking the time to finish this survey. Please leave any additional feedback/suggestions below. Also, you can always reach out to us at Cats gitter chat room:
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