Request to Collaborate w/ Hollister on Awesome NGSS Stuff.
Hello fellow science people! I'd like to help ease your burden as we start doing the heavy lifting of NGSS implementation.
Please use this form to request my collaborative services so that I can have a record to show my bosses :-). I'll get back to you ASAP to settle a firm date.

A few notes: I'm usually not available before 8:30am (school drop-off for Zephyr) nor between 11:40am and 12:10pm (Zephyr pick-up & lunch). These times may change if Z decides to go to school breakfast and/or lunch.

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To help me better prepare for our meeting, what would you like our meeting outcome to be? I'll call or email if i need additional details. Just a few quick bullet points would be greatly appreciated. | Example: "I'd like to learn how to incorporate stream tables into Living Earth storylines" *
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