UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy-Human Rights in the Era of Globalization
UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy is a key-note academic programme specifically designed for bringing together Romanian students with their international peers from every imaginable walk of life. Through both learning and networking, distinguished speakers will provide the students with their knowledge, diverse perspectives and experiences, making it a unique space for debating the proposed topics.

This year’s Summer School on Diplomacy will take place between the 22nd and 28th of July in Bucharest, Romania, with the general theme ‘Human Rights in the Era of Globalization’. The goal of the project is to offer the participants a clear picture of the multiple branches that this hot topic has. Starting from the history of Human Rights, their chategories, their violations and closing with what Human Rights mean in a modern society, students will be encouraged to bring their input while having drawn an academic perspective on the matter.

The programme will comprise lectures, debates and wokshops that will depict the complexity of Human Rights’ meaning. The curriculum will address the theoretical side of the fundamental rights, how they divide, but also some general facts about how they developed along the decades. It will also address topics such as Public International Law, Humanitarian and Refugee Law, migration and minorities. One important side of the project cand be found in how interactive it is through its seminars and workshops on negociation and mediation, this year focusing on specific aspects such as Children’s Rights or Women’s Rights.

The project has always enjoyed the presence of intellectuals and professionals, this year making no exeption, as respected diplomats, academics, Ambassadors and businessmen are invited to provide an unforgettable academic experience. Aside from the educational programme, participants will take part in a variety of social activities, which guarantee a complete Summer School experience by combining our high academic standards with fun memories and socialization.

UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy’s target group is comprised of students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. programmes, recent graduates and young professionals with relevant experience, proven interest or an untamed curiosity of Human Rights, Law, International Relations, Political Science or Diplomacy.

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