ESO Crafting Request
Terms & Conditions:

This form allows a member of Unburdened Raiders to request crafting services for free, which include: Weapons/Armor (with the option to have them enchanted), Food/Drink, Potions/Poisons, as well as enchantments for jewelry.

All of these services are provided to you for free, with the exception of a few specialty items:
- If you request Nirnhoned weapons/armor (Fortified Nirncrux/Potent Nirncrux)
- An enchantment that requires the Hakeijo rune (Prismatic Glyphs)
- If you choose a racial style other than those of the nine alliance races (Breton, Redguard, Orc, Dark Elf, Nord, Argonian, High Elf, Wood Elf, and Khajiit)

If you request a specialty item that is on the above list, we *might* ask that you provide those materials. The guild will provide everything else. The exception to this will be for those who are members of the UBR Daggerfall Covenant PvP team. We ask that you work with your team leader on what gear will best suit the needs of the team, and we will provide that for you.

Things to be aware of:

Up to level 30: we will provide green gear of your choice of motif and style. If your request requires a specialized crafting material, you will be asked to provide that material, such as Lion Fang for DC style, for instance.

Level 30 to 45: We will provide blue gear with conditions as above.

Level 46 to CP160 We will provide purple gear of your choice. If you ask for an entire set of CP 160 items, you may be asked to provide appropriate crafting materials, as a complete set of armor in CP 160 can require 1200 pieces of a single material.

The exception for this is our DC PVP TEAM. Please consult with your team leader to determine what gear will best serve the needs of the team. That gear will be provided to you.

Food and potions will be blue level or below level 46. Above level 46, we will provide Purple if desired.

While all of our crafting services are free, tipping your crafter is much appreciated, but never required.

After you fill out this order request, someone from the guild's Item Crafting Team will review your order and start crafting it ASAP. You may be contacted in-game if there are any clarifications necessary.

Please allow *up to* 24 hours from submission of this request to receive your items. Most requests are fulfilled within a couple hours; however, depending on what time of day the order is placed, as well as the volume and types of requests we receive, turn-around times vary.

If we have any questions about your request, or for some reason we are unsure about something, we will contact you in-game to go over details before we complete your order.

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