Bake Action Against Gun Violence - Group Registration
In 2018, Purim falls on March 1st and begins in the evening of February 28th. Sign up below to commit your group (a synagogue, a Jewish student group, a youth group, a collaborative effort with many groups, or simply you and some friends) to baking Hamantaschen and making Mishloach Manot baskets to sell in our communities. You also commit to donating the profits to Everytown for Gun Safety. You can do this however you like. We have no set date to make and sell the hamantaschen, and no specific way in which you should conduct this. All we ask is that you make clear to community members why you are participating and where the money raised will go. You will be in charge of donating the money to Everytown. The registration is only so that we know who is participating.

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