Cresio Airdrop (Round1)
Welcome to the first round of airdrops of Cresio.
2,880,000 CRES for a maximum of 5000 users, 576 CRES for each user.
The registration period of this airdrop will end on February 25, 2019 or
when the maximum quota of 5000 users is completed.
A waiting list of 2.000 places will be enabled, if any of the 5.000 subscribed users dont fit the requirements then will be selected the first from the waiting list and so on.

To complete the airdrop correctly you will have to perform the following tasks:

1.- Visit our website at and subscribe to our Newsletter
2.- Visit our twitter at and follow us
3.- Retweet in following post:
4.- Visit our Facebook at click Like.
5.- Share the following Facebook post:
6.- Visit our Youtube channel and subscribe.
7.- Join our telegram channel in //English//
8.- Complete the following form.

* Your Twitter account must be 6 months old or more
* Your Twitter account must have a minimum of 10 followers
* If any of these tasks is not completed you will not receive the reward
* If during the process that lasts the airdrop you undo the tasks, you will be removed from the list of admitted.

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1st Airdrop Round
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When you complete the form and send it, you will receive the confirmation on the Telegram channel. The confirmation may take from 24 to 48h and please remember you not to leave the Telegram channel for the duration of the campaign *
I accept the terms & conditions listed in below link: *
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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