Customer feedback survey '18
Whether one-time or longterm Ecoprint customer- all feedback is equally important and valuable to us. The survey will take max 6 minutes. Based on your feedback we will try to update our services to the next level so that we can be the best printing partner to YOU!
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How would you describe your collaboration with Ecoprint (choose the best option)? *
What is our price/quality ratio on a scale 1-5 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest)? *
Through what sources have you found information about Ecoprint? *
Have you had complications in communication with Ecoprint (if yes, what kind)?
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What aspects should Ecoprint not change about itself?
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Did you know that Ecoprint also offers wide-format digital print? *
Why did you choose Ecoprint as your printing partner? *
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