Project Profile - 5 Minute Survey
This survey is to gather information about one of your projects. The purpose is to share the content a couple of times a month for "Maker Monday" so other members and the public can learn what individuals are doing.
What is your first and last name? *
What is your project name? *
Please describe your project and include materials and machines used. *
How did the makerspace help you plan and complete your project? (Names of people, activities, tools, etc) *
What (or who?) inspired your project? *
How long did it take to complete your project? (rough estimate of hours worked)
If you had any problems, please describe what happened and how you overcame the issue(s).
What do you plan to do with your finished project?
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How did any local businesses or other sponsors help you with your project? (materials, assistance, etc)
How would you like to share any images of your project? *
Would you be interested in being contacted about making a short video at the makerspace about your project? *
May we contact you for further information about your project if necessary?
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If you answered yes about further contact, please provide your email address.
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