GM 5th Nova
This form is used for RVC/VCs to submit GM 5-nova evaluations (until the interface on works). Please note information input to the form will be used only to process the GMs application and will not be provided to anyone other than the OPC.

To qualify for the 5th GM Nova, the GM must complete all of the following:
* GM 150+ SFS Sessions (as tracked on
* GM 50+ Unique Sessions (Evergreens only count once for this requirement)
* GM 10+ Specials (scenarios with the special tag)
* Complete 3 evaluations using the Nova rubric available in the SFS Guide to Play.
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Use this to keep track of the 5-Nova requirements other than the evaluation. All boxes must be checked before a GM may receive their 5th Nova.
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Please add any notes or information you think pertinent to the applicant earning their 5th star.
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Exceeds Expectations
Aspect #1: The GM's preparation allowed for smooth game flow.
Aspect #2: The GM had a solid understanding of the rules to the game
Aspect #3: The GM took efforts to make the game distinct and interesting.
Aspect #4: GM presented the scenario as written.
Aspect #5: The GM understood and applied the rules of the Organized Play Program.
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