The Yoga Expo Vending Request
Event Timing: January 11, 2020
Event Address: 1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
Contact us at (786)597-1755

Please fill this out for admin purposes only. You are not contractually obligated to purchase a booth by filling this out. It is only so we may contact you and continue the process.

We are really looking forward to an awesome 2020 event and to make more great partnerships moving forward! Please let us know if you have any questions so we can serve you with our highest level.
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Write a brief description (2 to 3 sentences) of your company and goods. This is an invitation to customers to visit your booth, so please elaborate beyond listing items being sold. If selected, we may include your information on our website / app. We will add your vendor profile once all pertinent information and full payment are received.
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Once you officially register please note you are contractually obligated for the booth you signed up for
10x10 Early Bird $699
10x10 Premium Early Bird $999
10x20 Early Bird $1299
10x20 Premium Early Bird $1699
6x6 Booth $450 (very very limited)

Sponsorship Options Available

Early Bird Prices valid until October 1, 2019, then they go up $200.

You can hold early bird with your deposit only.

• All Exhibitor fees are payable in advance.

• Applicants must include payment by credit card in order to be considered.

• Exhibitors must accept credit cards for payments during the event. No exceptions.

• Exhibitor agrees to abide by all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention, public safety, business licenses, and sales tax permits.

• Exhibitor booth must be open and staffed in ordinance with Exhibition Hours listed above.

• Exhibitor is solely responsible for securing exhibits and merchandise. The Yoga Expo (Om for All) will provide roving security during the event, but assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft of Exhibitor's goods, materials or equipment, except to the extent The Yoga Expo (Om for All) has agreed in writing to assume liability for materials on-site and then only for any damage or theft solely due to the negligence or misconduct of The Yoga Expo (Om for All).

• Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC), its parents, subsidiaries, partners, sponsors, agents, employees and assigns from any and all claims, causes of action suits, damages, theft, injuries and losses to any person or goods arising out of relating to the Festival. Exhibitor agrees that this release shall be a full and final compromise and release of any claims, demands, actions, and causes of action, known or unknown.

• The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance arising from causes beyond Wanderlust’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather, acts of God, fire, flood, terrorism, strikes, failure of suppliers or subcontractors to substantially meet its performance obligations under this Agreement.

• Exhibitor will be solely responsible for any and all sales, use, or other taxes, fees, permits, and surcharges imposed by any federal, state, county, or municipality in connection with the fulfillment of the Exhibitor's obligations under the this Agreement and any other agreements.

• The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) reserves the right to deny sale of items that have not been listed on the application. Exhibitors are prohibited from selling or distributing bottled water, coconut water, food bars, granola or cereals, protein powders or protein shakes. Magazines and other print media may not be distributed.

• The Event events take place rain or shine, and Exhibitor agrees to vend during Exhibition Hours, rain or shine.

• Termination. Before the Event, any agreement, including this Agreement, between The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) and Exhibitor will be subject to cancellation by The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) without cause upon 3 days prior written notice to Exhibitor at no cost to The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) other than the refund of any deposit paid by Exhibitor. The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) may terminate this Agreement at any time upon The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) reasonable determination of cause, including, but not limited to, the violation of any of these Terms and Conditions. If such termination is made during the Event, the Exhibitor will immediately leave the grounds of the Event and any dispute regarding the existence or lack of existence of reasonable cause to terminate the agreement will be resolved after the Event.

• Exhibitor agrees to participate in the event and knows no refunds are given if they decide to not participate.

• Exhibitor will be responsible for any and all damages, injuries, claims, charges and costs, whether tangible or intangible, to persons or property that in any way arise out of or relate to Exhibitor's goods or services, whether performed by Exhibitor or any other persons/entities under the Exhibitor's control or direction.

• This electronic document constitutes the entire agreement between The Yoga Expo (Om for All, LLC) and the Exhibitor. No changes shall be valid unless agreed to by both parties in writing.
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