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Thank you for considering to become an editorial board member of a JMIR journal. We would be pleased to have you! Please fill in the form below.
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As "Editorial Board (EB) member only" you consult on strategy and outreach, advocate for the journal and encourage potential authors to submit, and meet 1-2 times (personal or teleconference). As "EB member with section editor privileges" you do all this, and in addition guide self-assigned papers through the review process.
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Within that journal, do you want to be responsible for a specific section?
Either give some keywords (to be matched against the title or keywords of a submission), or name a section on the "themes" menupoint of the existing journal (found at the URL .../themes, e.g., or create your own section (a "section" or "ecollection" is a subheading in the table of contents of each journal issue, or a stand-alone page with a collection of articles with a common theme). Leave blank if you have no specific preferences, or if you apply for "EB member only".
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In addition we can also sign you up for the following journals as section editor (you receive email alerts and can assign yourself as section editor to submissions to these journals - to guide self-assigned papers through the review process)
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Editing experience: Enter the link to journals, EB pages, theme issues or other material you have edited as academic editor
Note that as one of the requirements for accepting an EB position at JMIR we may ask you to step down from EBs of competing journals. Please mark those you are active in with *
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Your focus
What is your own research focus? Are there any specific subtopics or methodologies you are interested in (papers with these topics may preferentially be assigned to you)? We can also create a "journal section" with a specific subtopic which could be edited by you
Potential manuscript(s) you could submit
To get a new journal off the ground, it would be important for EB members to submit/publish their own work in the inaugural issue (this would also give EB members experience to the process from the author's perspective). This could be original research, or at least commentary/viewpoint type of paper. Do you have potential manuscripts which you could submit ideally within the next 2 months? Potential title/timeline?
Is there any person who comes to mind as a "star" or trustworthy spokesperson for this field?
Ideally with full name and email address. Explain why. Would he/she be a good choice as a potential editor-in-chief for this journal? (even if not, we still want to know who the main influencer(s)/thoughtleader(s) are)
Would you personally be willing to assume the role of editor-in-chief if asked?
This involves to take leadership in sharpening the overall vision and scope of the journal, acquiring submissions, promoting the journal, recruit EB members, communicate with EB members and assign papers to them, chairing EB meetings (not more than 1 per year), and liaising with the publisher and publishing staff
Please suggest other potential editors who should be invited to the editorial board of this journal
Ideally with full name and email address. You can also add a short rationale or outline the individuals expertise/research areas. Please take a while to think about it and suggest at least 2 individuals. Do not suggest individuals who you know are already serving on the editorial board of other similar journals
Which is/are our main competitor journal(s)?
Provide as much information as you can (eg, URL, publisher, approx impact factor, focus of the competitor etc)
How could we differentiate ourselves from the competitor journals above?
In terms of scope, services offered, marketing etc
Innovative ideas
eg, contests, conferences etc
Please name any potential partners or societies we might approach, including conferences (where we should distribute materials). Are you involved in any of them? Any possibilities to get the word out on our new journal or to create special theme issues?
Would you like to lead a theme issue/ecollection?
This would involve you defining a specific theme and inviting authors specifically to submit something to that theme issue. If you are interested, please outline the theme here (if you already have authors in mind name potential authors/manuscripts to be solicited)
Potential authors in your network
Apart from the theme issue, do you have any specific potential authors in mind you would/could approach to solicit papers for the inaugural issue? If you know them, name potential authors and manuscript titles (or start thinking about them).
Your quote
If you wish, please include a quote that compliments/describes the influence JMIR Publications and/orone of its journals has/will have in the field. This may be used as marketing material.
How many articles per month would you be able to take on as an editor?
This includes assigning peer-reviewers, communicating with authors, light academic editing of the manuscript if required
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