Minyan Shaleym 5779 Membership Form
Thank you for joining or renewing your membership in Minyan Shaleym - an independent, traditional-egalitarian lay-led Jewish congregation. We are a volunteer-run organization and a diverse, multi-generational community.

To join or to renew your membership, please complete this form and send in your dues via Paypal on the Minyan Shaleym website (www.minyanshaleym.org/membership.htm)
or mail a check payable to Minyan Shaleym to:
Minyan Shaleym
PO Box 462
Brookline, MA 02446

Our membership year begins at Rosh HaShanah, and dues should be received by Sept 7, 2018. Those joining after Rosh HaShanah may prorate their dues appropriately. Multiple dues payments from the same household may be paid in a single check, but each adult (age 13 or over) should fill out a separate membership form. The Minyan's suggested annual dues are 8 Chai to 20 Chai: $144 to $360 per adult ($144 for students).

Although our needs are modest, we do need to meet them, so please be generous. That said, the Minyan is open to all adult Jews regardless of ability to pay. If these dues pose a financial hardship, please contact the treasurer in confidence for an adjustment.

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Thanks and Welcome!

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