Kenny Wang's Science Olympiad Test Feedback Survey
Hi there! You're probably here because you recently took one of my tests. I'm always looking to make my tests better, so if you could offer any sort of feedback, that would be great! :)

Note that most of these questions are optional, so feel free to fill out as much or as little as you want!

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If your school fielded multiple teams at the competition, please put down whichever team you were on. Team numbers, if you remember them, would be helpful too!
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Overall, how would you rate the quality of the test, out of ten? *
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What did you think the test did well?
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What did you think the test did badly?
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What did you think about the length of the test?
too long, too short, pretty good, etc.
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What did you think about how the event was run, overall?
For example, was it organized, were the instructions confusing/clear, etc.
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Anything else to add?
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