2020 BVC Decision
Please submit your decision by 8pm on November 6 (15-18).
Player and at least one parent should attend Commitment Night at BVC: Wed Nov 6; anytime between 4:30pm-8pm. Apparel fitting, payments, paperwork, etc. will be completed that evening. Please upgrade your SRVA membership also.
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All players that Accept with BVC will be placed on a team, even if their original team does not make. We will move players as needed to fill empty spots. Teams/Coaches are tentative until after Accepts/Declines are fully processed. Remember, this is a new season. There are new girls trying out and to be rated against so just because you were on a "1" team last year, doesn't mean you're always going to be on a "1" team. The same goes for "4" team players. Teams are based on skill, coach preferences, school/position conflicts, and many other factors. We do our best to "get it right." We WILL NOT be giving individual feedback about tryout results/team placements. Moves are likely to occur. We move players based on team needs. We anticipate having between 10-12 players on each team/group.
Please type your initials to confirm your decision. Decisions become final on November 6 (15-18). Deadline to respond is Nov 6 at 8pm. You are not required to respond until that date, but if you already know your decision, you may let us know anytime. You will bring your first payment, post dated checks for following payments and get fitted for your uniform on Commitment Night (Nov 6). You can come to BVC any time between 4:30pm-8:30pm on Commitment Night (Nov 6). MANDATORY Team Meeting time/date are TBD but will occur in November.
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