The state of uncapped FPS in RPCS3
In this form, we'd like you to report game compatiblity regarding our FPS uncapping features.

Due to the limitations of Google Forms, we advise you to couple similarly working games into one batch, and include them all in a single form. (e.g. if RDR, FFXIII-2, and TLOU all work the same way, you can report them all at once here.

When listing the games, please refer to them in the following fashion:

Red Dead Redemption: GOTY Edition [BLUS30758]
Final Fantasy XIII-2 [BLUS30776]
The Last of Us [BCUS98174]

Only report multiple games at once if their behaviour matches completely!
DO NOT batch differently behaving games together!

The form is anonymous.

Update as of July 23: elad's PR was merged, so the poll options are now changed accordingly.

If you can't really understand what's going on in here, what you should set and how, check out the reddit post we've created about it here:
What game(s) are you reporting about here? *
How does the game behave originally? *
What type of sleep accuracy does the game prefer? *
Please select the true statement: *
Please select the true statement: *
What is the best result you could achieve? *
Please insert a proof here about your results: *
If you didn't manage to alter nor the gamespeed, nor the framerate cap, just type in "N/A". When inserting proof, please use reputable/well-known services, such as imgur, youtube, bilibili, or similar.
Please add your notes here, if you have any:
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