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Complete this form to select assignment preferences and request a permit for both Production Involvement (PI) and Studio Theatre Performance (STP). To change your preferences, fill out the form again and submit. We will take your most recent submission.
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TPP 2110 - Acting I
THE 2020 - Introduction to Theatre
TPA 2200 - Introduction to Technical Theatre I (Scenic)
TPA 2290L - Technical Theatre Lab I (Scenic)
TPA 2211 - Introduction to Technical Theatre II (Costumes)
TPA 2291L - Technical Theatre Lab II (Costumes)
TPA 2220 - Introduction to Technical Theatre III (Lighting)
TPA 2220L - Technical Theatre Lab III (Lighting)
TPA 2292 - Production Involvement I
TPA 4293 - Production Involvement II
TPP 2190 Studio Theatre Performance I
TPP 4193 Studio Theatre Performance II
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