Make and Flow: Batik and Yoga
Date: June 18, 2017
Time: 10am - 4:30pm
Description: Taught by Sarah Elworthy & Gaby Goldberg
Cost: $125, including all materials.

Please bring a yoga mat, lunch and an apron.

Yoga will allow you to move your body and clear your mind in between sessions. The practice will support your flow of creative energy by addressing areas of stiffness or tension and will connect you with the parts of yourself where creativity flows from. Expect to move into a space of presence and awareness that deeply supports your learning and creative process.

During our one day workshop we will...

Learn about the Indonesian art of Batik
Experiment with traditional tools to apply wax to fabric, such as, tjanting and tjaps We will also use non- traditional brush work.
Dye our pieces of fabric multiples times through out the afternoon while using the resist technique to create multicolored batiks
Enjoy 2 yoga lessons (approx 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours) in between batik lessons.
At the completion of afternoon together we will be relaxed, refreshed and have an understanding of the basic techniques of Batik and a few new pieces of artwork! This class is open to all skill levels, no experience necessary. Beginners welcome!

Gaby Goldberg
Gaby has been teaching yoga since 2007.
Gaby is passionate about reconnecting people to the truest aspects of themselves. Yoga is the modality that has led her closest to this, offering deep, lasting healing and the ability to embrace ones whole self. Knowing and understanding the potentiality that exists within each practitioner has empowered Gaby to create and hold space that not only plants seeds of transformation, but supports the cultivation and growth of the individual. She offers yoga experiences that gently open the practitioner to the art of listening and seeing, integral skills for moving through the world with clarity and steadiness. Gaby's teaching passions include gentle and restorative yoga, pranayama, mantra, and core yoga. These practices bring us to life! She looks forward to connecting, sharing, and supporting your process of learning and self-inquiry. She has lead retreats in Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico.

Sarah Elworthy
Sarah graduated from Green Mountain College with a B.A. in Fine Arts. Her focus was on Painting, Figure drawing and Batik. Sarah's works have been shown in Burlington's E-1 studio collective, The Art-Hop, The Daily Planet and The Red Square. In addition, her collections have been featured in Middlebury's Vermont Folk Life Center, The Storm Cafe and Dorset's Three Pears Gallery. Her work was also chosen for the artist's profile in Burlington's Seven Days. Sarah spent an internship at a Vermont gallery, teaching an after school and summer school program for elementary school students. Prior to starting her own family, Sarah spent time as a teacher at the New Leaf Montessori School. It was there that she designed and continued to develop art classes for children. Sarah's love for making things by hand include her desire to stay in Vermont and to join her husband in owning Liberty Farm, an Organic Dairy Farm in Poultney, Vt. They started their own family in 2010. Since then, Sarah has been designing and selling puppets and children's batik clothing, teaching children's art classes at Stone Valley arts, and feeding cows.

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