TR Town & Art Crawl - 2018 Artist Application
2018 Series Calendar
Spring Series April 13 - May 11 - June 8
Fall Series September 14 - October 12 - November 9

Booth space is $30 per event
Payment for booth is due with your application
Applications for a particular event may close if no more booth space is available.

The TR Town & Art Crawl is a grassroots, not for profit, event series highlighting the southern charm of Travelers Rest, SC while helping to build economic growth and cultural awareness in our area. Events are held on the second Fridays of the month during the Spring and Fall months. Vendors may opt for booth spaces located along Main Street or hosted space inside or under cover. Any questions about this event can be directed to

Before filling out the application, please carefully read the Terms & Conditions. By filling out this application and submitting payment you are agreeing to the following:

All items presented and sold at the TR Town & Art Crawl must be handcrafted by the artist applying or classified as vintage (20+ years old). We will not allow craft kit creations, imports or re-sale items that are not vintage. This is a juried event and the application deadline for all Spring events is March 28th at midnight with notification of acceptance sent out by March 31st. Any late applications will only be accepted if space is available and booth space will be marked up to $30 per event. If you are not accepted a refund of your payment minus the $5 jury fee will be initiated on the 5th. We will not consider your application if it is not complete with payment.

This event will be held from 6p to 9p. Please do not breakdown any earlier than 8:30p. Doing so will hurt your chances of participating in future events. If you must leave early due to special circumstances, please make prior arrangements with the TR Town & Art Crawl organizers before breaking down your booth. We appreciate your cooperation.

***Booth Set-Ups and Fee: Vendor booths are allocated at 10’x10’ outdoor space along the main art crawl route. Vendors are responsible for their entire display: tents, tables, chairs, table cloths, racks, etc. This includes hauling and setting up your display. We have an extremely small staff, and it is your responsibility to haul your belongings as well as setting up and breaking down your display. The vendor fee is $30 per event. This fee is due before your application is considered complete. Booths may be shared, but each vendor must apply separately and submit their full vendor fee.

***Host Set-Ups and Fee: There is a limited number of hosted spaces available and will these will be filled based on jury acceptance and the order with which applications are completed. Vendors host space is allocated at 4'x6' with in a business or under cover outside. Vendors are still responsible for their display: table, chair, table cloth, easels/stands, etc. The vendor fee is $30 per event. This fee is due before your application is considered complete. Host space may not be shared.

***Locally Sold Artists and Fee: Artists already being sold in a participating business may apply to be included in our promotional material online. Businesses selling local artists work may also submit these artists for promotion. Promotional fee is $30 per event and is due with your application. (Note: This fee may be waived if your business has purchased an event sponsorship with the TR Town & Art Crawl.)

South Carolina law requires that all vendors pay sales tax on their revenue from events. It is each individual’s responsibility to make sure that they claim their income and collect sales tax. This means having a tax ID number and submitting the appropriate forms. You can find more information on the SC DOR website:

Release: You release the TR Town & Art Crawl organizers and all of its affiliates from any damage to your person or property that may occur as a result of participation in the TR Town & Art Crawl. This includes set up, break down, and the official hours of the event. We make every effort to provide a secure environment. You are solely responsible for all of your belongings, including inventory, tables, tents, chairs and your vehicle. Please do not leave valuables unattended. The TR Town & Art Crawl nor it’s affiliates are liable for any injuries sustained during the duration of this event. Once your application is accepted, you grant TR Town & Art Crawl to use images of your items for promotional purposes, including but not limited to online and print media. During participation in our event you grant permission to have photographs taken of you, your booth and work for the purpose of advertising and promotion online, in print and otherwise.

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