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So, next Saturday I'm doing a little 45-minute presentation on #ELTwhiteboard at a smallish conference here in Washington state in the northwestern USA. I'd love to hear your thoughts on #ELTwhiteboard! These will help inform and inspire what I say and do on Saturday, because not unlike Soilent Green, #ELTwhiteboard is people (official notice: this means I'd like to *possibly* quote and/or paraphrase what's shared here - which will of course be anonymous).

[Session description:]

Please see my presentation overview, a bit info about the conference, and the 5-question survey below.

** And please don't hesitate to share this around if you'd like to! The more responses, the merrier Matthew **

Overview slide for my 45-minute presentation next Saturday:
The conference I'm presenting about #ELTwhiteboard at:
1. How would YOU explain/define what #ELTwhiteboard is (beyond "it's a hashtag on twitter"..feel free to elaborate)? THANKS FOR ANSWERING!
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2. A whiteboard is not just a big white board. It's a multifaceted classroom tool. Please list out as many of the uses and functions it has had for you and/or other teachers you know as you can. THANKS SO MUCH!
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3. If you do indeed like #ELTwhiteboard (I expect you do in some way if you're completing this survey)...WHY? What makes it likable? What do you enjoy about it or get out of it? MERCI BEAUCOUP x100 FOR CONTRIBUTING YOUR THOUGHTS HERE!
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4. Beyond just enjoying it, would you say it's maybe even "developmental" in some way(s)? How? Why? EVEN IF IT'S JUST A LIL' NOTION, YOUR CONTRIBUTION IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED AND YOU'RE AN ABSOLUTE TEACHER ROCKSTAR.
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5. Finally, can you report or think of/imagine/dream up any ideas or applications for #ELTwhiteboard? [For example, as a teacher trainer I sometimes use the WB pics and comments people share to help trainee teachers see ways whiteboards are used. Also, I think sharing WB pics could be used in a structured way to do 'unseen observations']. I SHALL BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT, THANK YOU!
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*Bonus optional space [YOU'VE ALREADY EARNED BY UNDYING RESPECT & DEVOTION, SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT] for any other thoughts you might like to share about #ELTwhiteboard! CHEERS TO YOU!
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