Who are you?
A self -assessment that helps you prepare for our course and helps me understand you. Spring 2020
In what history class are you enrolled? Class title and section? *
Please check your schedule to be sure of your section: I have two online courses.
What is your given name (the name Normandale uses on your official record)? *
What name would you prefer I use for everyday conversation? *
What pronouns do you use? I use he/him/his. This question is optional.
What transfer school do you wish to attend?
What associate degree are you pursuing (your major)?
What phone number may I use in case I need to reach you? (no dashes) I will only use in urgent or emergency situations. *
Have you ever taken a college-level history course?
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Why are you taking this course (check all that apply)?
What are your strengths as a student? *
In other words, what part of college do you find you can do well?
What opportunities do you find for improvement as a student?
I know what office or person to contact at Normandale to answer the following questions? Check all the questions to which you can answer confidently.
What should I know about you as a student or a person that will help me teach you? *
What web browser do you primarily use? *
What secondary browser do you primarily use? *
If a web page doesn't work in one browser, what is the second browser you try? I recommend Chrome for any website with Flash.
What internet access will you rely on for most of your school work?
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Do you know how to turn off your pop-up blockers and security features in your browser?
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Who do you ask for computer help if your computer is not doing what you want it to?
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How do you take notes on what you read for your courses?
This course uses free digital articles as a substitute for a textbook. On what digital device will you primarily read your articles?
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What is the primary digital device you use to do your school work (reading and writing)?
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