8th Grade Counseling Connect
Hello, 8th Grade Students. As we take this time to flatten the curve on COVID-19 by social distancing, please know that I am still your counselor, still concerned about you and still privileged to serve! Just because we are not in the building together doesn't mean we can't connect! Although our interaction may look a little different, I am just an email away! I have created this form to meet with you virtually. So, if you need to check in, please complete this form and I will respond via your S-email . You may also "stop by" to say, "Hello" using the email at the bottom of this form. I am always happy to hear from you. Remember, I will be checking in Monday - Friday during school hours. Your parents/guardians or another trusted adult are your first lines of care and safety in crises or emergencies. I pray that you are safe and your needs are being met. I hope to see you in person soon!
~Ms. Woodson
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