Host a Shabbat Meal February 22nd!
Take part in Shabbat Across Campus on February 22nd by hosting a meal for your friends, for strangers, or for a combination of both!

Food wise, you have the option of picking up shabbat food from Hillel or making/buying your own food and getting reimbursed for up to $7 per person (you will have to provide the receipt and list of guests in order to be reimbursed).
Please note that Hillel will NOT reimburse any alcohol even if all guests are 21+

Guest wise, we will have a meal signup as the event gets closer so guests can choose specific hosts or be placed at a random meal.

Want to host a meal for just your friends?
Thats okay too! Just check off the option for a closed shabbat below and your meal will not be open for signups. Just make sure to tell us your guest list in advance!

*Deadlines:The final day to register to host a Shabbat Meal and get food from Hillel is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15th. If you haven't registered by then, we will not be able to provide you food. The final day to register to host and prepare/order your own meal is MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18th. If you register later than this, Hillel cannot reimburse your costs.*

Contact Eli Katz (, Beckie Cohen (, or Brian Hertz ( with any questions.

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How will you be providing food? (We automatically provide for everyone grape juice, challah, and shabbat candles) *
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