Classic Achievers 2019 Application
截止報名日期:05 / 05 / 2019 (星期日)
Deadline for application: 05 / 05 / 2019 (Sunday)
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姓名(中文) Name (Chinese) *
姓名(英文) Name (English) *
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出生日期 Date of Birth *
年齡 (開課首天計算) Age (On Day 1 of the Course) *
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學校名稱(英文) School Name (English) *
教育程度(2017-2018年度) Level of Education (2017 -2018) *
參加者的英語程度 Your English Level *
不懂 Incomprehensible
流利 Fluent
參加者的粵語程度 Your Cantonese Level *
不懂 Incomprehensible
流利 Fluent
曾否參加Classic Achievers課程? Have you attended any Classic Achievers Course? *
如上題答案為是,請列明曾經參加之課程年份。 If the answer for the last question is yes, please state the year of the Classic Achievers Programme you were involved.
你是從何得知這課程? How did you know about us? *
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