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Welcome to the AGILE Multiversity! Our constantly growing ocean of energies is unstoppable.

This form is to help us optimize our organized play experiences of and throughout the many many worlds that we are on the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences' AGILE Multiversity--whether it be our Minecraft server or any of myriad linked Dungeons & Dragons or other roleplaying games or some combination thereof.

By filling out the form completely you earn a custom magic item (something *nice*) and an additional 1,000 land claim blocks which can be potentially used in any world you can access. And many many worlds there are.

After email, the first set of questions regard you as a real life person, outside of the game-worlds. Everything beyond that pertains directly to your role as a multiversal character in the AGILE Minecraft Multiversity.

✮For Dungeons & Dragons resources please check out this great list by Teaching with DnD at
✮You can join our campaign on Roll20 with this link:
✮Or on D&D Beyond with this link:

✮If you are new to Minecraft Java, use Method 1 on this WikiHow with our Minecraft server address to join us:
✮Our Minecraft server address =
✮Our Planet Minecraft page =

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