The Global Understanding Course is a regular course that it is focused at increasing your cultural and linguistic competence in a foreign language. Each course is partnered with institutions from three diverse cultures around the world. Only two cultures meet at one time.

During 6 sessions (three weeks) we plan real videoconferences and chat sessions with a partner countries. Using guided questions, students discuss topics that include college life, cultural traditions, family, the meaning of life, and stereotypes and prejudices. Each class session includes live discussion in both small video groups and one-to-one keyboard chat.

During the three weeks that CEEDCV links with partner institutions in another countries, students will be individually partnered with students from the linking institutions and will be encouraged to keep in touch outside college. Partners use email and other tools on a daily basis to further their class discussions. Students share information, opinions, values, attitudes and emotions. These one-to-one discussions lead to a better understanding of and appreciation for cultural and personal differences and similarities.

By the end of the 6 links, student partners also develop a joint project. Through this project students learn how to collaborate effectively across cultures. Through learning about other cultures, students begin to understand their own culture and gain a broader perspective on life. As a result of the cross-cultural communication students learn to express themselves effectively. They learn that slang, clichés, or words without translations in other languages complicate the communications process of expressing thoughts, viewpoints or feelings.

The Global Understanding course is aimed at all students enrolled at the CEEDCV, but it is suitable for those who have reached a B1 competence in English and wish to learn about other cultures. This course provides a basis for the 21st Century education needed by all students.

The Global Understanding course will start on January 23rd 2017.
Tuesday-Thursday 15:30 pm.
Meeting point room 0.4 Misericordia Building.

The course only allows 16 students at a maximum.

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