Ventura Surfrider Solo Beach Cleanup Data Card
Thank you for doing a solo beach cleanup! While we are on this temporary postponement of Ventura County Surfrider in-person activities, we have created this 'virtual data card' for your solo-beach cleanups! These data cards will be entered into the National Surfrider Beach Cleanup Database to track and monitor marine debris on our beaches.

If you prefer to still fill out the data cards on paper (like you do at the "C" Street Cleanups), you can download a pdf using this link:

Instructions: Add the total number of items collected in the different categories below. If you do not know exact count of the items, estimate to the best of your abilities.

Please remember to always follow all guidelines on how to protect yourself while out in public:
For more information on our beach cleanups, visit
Email address *
Date *
Time of Cleanup *
Beach Location *
How Many Cigarette Butts? *
How Many Balloons? *
How Many Plastic Gloves (Single gloves, put 1. pair of gloves, put 2) *
How Many Face Masks? (PPE masks) *
How Many Nurdles (see image above, small pre-production plastic pellets) *
***Priority Plastic Items***
Plastic Bottles (Beverage) *
Plastic Bags (Shopping / Grocery) *
Plastic Food Wrappers (Candy, Chip Bags, etc.) *
Plastic Straws *
Plastic Forks, Knives, Spoons *
Plastic Cups *
Plastic Lids (Yogurt Lids, Coffee Lids, etc.) *
Plastic fragments (larger than a dime) *
Plastic fragments (smaller than a dime)
***Priority Foam Items***
How Many Foam Cups *
Foam Take-Out Food Containers *
Foam fragments (larger than a dime) *
Foam fragments (smaller than a dime) *
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