Jersey City Together 2021 Listening Campaign
As we enter 2021 and the next stage of the pandemic, Jersey City Together member congregations, organizations, and our allies will be listening to their members and people they know about what matters right now for them and their families. We also want to hear what you hope to see addressed for the long-term here in Jersey City & Hudson County. Please take 2-3 minutes to answer the questions below. This will be critical as we decide on our priorities for this year.
Your Name
Your congregation or organization (if any)
What city or town do you live in?
How is this moment impacting you, your family, or those you care about? Is there something you would change (particularly at the local or state level) that would make life better or easier for you and your family during this time?
Beyond this current pandemic & crisis, what is one thing you would change in Jersey City or in your local community that would make life better for you and your family?
Of the themes listed below, what do you see as the biggest issues facing Jersey City or your local community now or long-term? (Please pick the top 3)
Have you or someone close to you had a direct experience with the criminal justice system in Jersey City?
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Have you ever had your driver's license suspended for 'failure to pay' or 'failure to appear' in New Jersey?
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Are you or do you know anyone who is struggling to pay rent or mortgage during this time?
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Are you interested in working with others to address these and other issues you care about?
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