B+ Morale Team 2020 Application
The B+ Foundation at Alabama strives to instill hope in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer. The Morale Program gives Alabama students the opportunity to participate in The B+ Foundation at Alabama and the Spin-A-Thon on a more involved level than a general participant. These members help promote B+ to friends and throughout the university community. For questions or more information regarding the Morale program, email uabepositivemorale@gmail.com.
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How many hours are you taking this semester? *
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If you are a member of a Greek organization, please list. (full name)
What other clubs or organizations are you involved in? *
Why are you interested in joining the B+ Morale Team? *
In what ways could you contribute to this year's Morale team and fundraising? *
Meetings will be held Tuesdays at 7 pm via zoom. Will you be able to attend the majority of these meetings? *
If you were on the 2019 Morale Team or 2019 FOB+, do you have any suggestions for improvements that could be made this year? If so, please list.
Each sorority and fraternity will have 2 team captains on the Morale Team. The team captains help relay information between the B+ Foundation. Would you be interested in becoming a team captain? *
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