Grow and Convert Business Writer Application
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Who are we:
Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency that helps companies grow through content marketing. This post will give you a good sense of who our clients are and the kind of results we produce:

What we're looking for:
We're looking for a business writer who can interview business leaders such as marketers, founders and salespeople, and distill their experience into an educational article that helps readers walk away with actionable learnings. You'd likely need to have knowledge of terms such as CAC, LTV, MQL, SQL, etc. Ideally you've written for business and marketing blogs previously and have written content beyond "list posts."

Our working relationship:
We're interested in building long-term relationships with great writers that we can count on. We are very flexible in our working relationship - we pay fairly on a per project basis, we typically let you set deadlines, and our goal is to help you get better at what you do and continue to build your brand as a writer.

These three articles describe some of our thinking around content, what is important to us, and what is important for our writers to be on the same page about:

We're looking for writers that can produce journalism style educational pieces...
For example, interview an expert, and write a piece like these:

Benefits that you'll get from working with us:
- You'll be able to build your brand amongst our audience and our clients audiences.
- You'll get continuous writing projects on interesting subjects.
- You'll learn and grow as a writer and content marketer.
- Zero percent of writing projects will be mind-numbing "list posts" and high level fluff. Again, read the articles above to get a sense of what we produce.

Our timeline and process:
Here's how the process works...
1. Fill out the form below. If we think there's a fit, we'll reach out to you about next steps.
2. The second step would be to go through a paid writing exercise.
3. If you pass the onboarding, we'll start giving you projects.

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Please 3 share links to articles that you've written that are most similar to what we ask for above (ideally involve interviewing a(n) expert(s) or subject(s) and turning it into a story). Marketing space preferred. Feel free to say why you like them/are proud of them:
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What's your biggest strength when it comes to writing?
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