Dhall 2018-2019 Survey
This is a survey about the Dhall configuration language to guide the direction of the language and to determine how people currently use the language.  All questions are optional.

**NOTE:** This survey makes all responses public!  Even though the survey is anonymous, do not disclose anything you do not feel comfortable sharing more widely, especially any personally identifying information.
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Which option describes how often you use Dhall:
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Would anything encourage you to use Dhall more often?
For example, are there any missing features or integrations that prevent you from using the language in your own projects?
What do you use Dhall for?
Skip this question if you don't use Dhall
Why do you use Dhall?
Skip this question if you don't use Dhall
What should Dhall development focus on?
Would you fund open source work on Dhall?
Skip this question if you don't intend to fund open source work on Dhall.  If you would like to fund Dhall, select the funding mechanism(s) that you would prefer (Options inspired by: https://github.com/nayafia/lemonade-stand)
Other feedback
Feel free to use this section to provide any other feedback you may have
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