Outdoor Classrooms & Utah Schools
The Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) is here to support schools as they develop their plans for school reopening. USEE and our partners can assist schools in developing outdoor classrooms, implementing environmental and outdoor education and providing connections and resources for virtual and in-person learning. You can read more about our guidance for environmental and outdoor education here: https://usee.org/news/item/55-usee-eeguidance

We know that learning outdoors, while not a cure-all to the problems we are facing, can help to provide a safer environment for instruction. Additionally, outdoor learning provides a number of academic and mental & physical health benefits.

USEE would love to know if you currently have an outdoor classroom or are looking to implement one in the near future. We also want to know how we can support you in these efforts. Please complete this short survey so we can know more about 1) where outdoor classrooms currently exist and 2) if you are interested in implementing an outdoor classroom what resources you need.

Visit www.usee.org for more information or contact director@usee.org if you have any additional questions.
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